Tinymce Not working on production

  • tinymce is not working on production site.

    I have found one thing that, under Admin folder, in webpack file when we do create build, using

    npm run dev

    it copy the build under


    But when we do this on production with

    npm run prod

    then creates it under Admin/publishable folder

    And in tinymce.blade.php the script has include from here

    <script src="{{ asset('vendor/webkul/admin/assets/js/tinymce/tinymce.min.js') }}"></script>

    So I think it is not searchable in case of production site.

    Should I add every script to Admin/publishable and call from there as it will be call from there in future? Or is any other way?

  • After running production, you need to publish the files also.

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