Deploying to CapRover

  • Has anyone successfully deployed Bagisto to a server running CapRover? If so, can you share your captain-definition file and explain how you did it please?

  • Currently, we have not tried CapRover but I think installation and configurations are the same.

  • I have managed to get the app and database running, and have run the migrations, seeded the database and published the vendor packages. However, the app is still stuck on the installer. Whenever I go to the website address, it immediately takes me to the installer.

    I've looked up other threads on this forum about being stuck on the installer, and so I've tried:
    php artisan vendor:publish
    composer dump-autoload
    (and I've switched the order around)

    I've also tried unlinking and relinking the storage folder in public, and clearing the cache, but nothing works. Still redirected to the installer.

  • Please check may be environment is not properly configured or migration is not done.

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