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Stuck on installer even after manually migrating and seeding DB

  • I am in the process of installing Bagisto on a PaaS platform similar to Heroku.

    This platform is based on Docker and stores environment variables in the container setup, so the installer is not needed.

    I manged to run the migrations, seed the database and publish the vendor packages using the command line in the deployed Docker container. However, when I visit the home page, I am still redirected to the installer!

    I have tried running

    php artisan vendor:publish
    composer dump-autoload
    (and I've switched the order around)

    I've also tried unlinking and relinking the storage folder in public, and clearing the cache, but nothing works. Still redirected to the installer.

    Is there some way of removing the installer since I don't need it anymore?

  • If it's redirecting to the installer page that means, either migrations are not run properly or your .env is not properly configured.

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