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    • Want to remove Vat id flied
      My Steps:
    1. by searching by url I get route code 'packages/Webkul/Shop/src/Http/routes.php'
    //Customer Address Edit Form Show
                    Route::get('addresses/edit/{id}', 'Webkul\Customer\Http\Controllers\[email protected]')->defaults('_config', [
                        'view' => 'shop::customers.account.address.edit'
    1. In 'packages/Webkul/Shop/src/Resources/views/customers/account/address/edit.blade.php'
      I remove or comment out this
                            <div class="control-group" :class="[errors.has('vat_id') ? 'has-error' : '']">
                                <label for="vat_id">{{ __('shop::app.customer.account.address.create.vat_id') }}
                                    <span class="help-note">{{ __('shop::app.customer.account.address.create.vat_help_note') }}</span>
                                <input type="text" class="control" name="vat_id" value="{{ old('vat_id') ?: $address->vat_id }}"
                                v-validate="''" data-vv-as="&quot;{{ __('shop::app.customer.account.address.create.vat_id') }}&quot;">
                                <span class="control-error" v-if="errors.has('vat_id')">@{{ errors.first('vat_id') }}</span>
                            {!! view_render_event('') !!}

    But nothing reflect on page.

  • Hi @prashant2408

    You have to change Here for the same.

  • Thanks you so much @sanjay-webkul and webkul team for your valuable input my issue is resolve now.
    I think this confusion is due to having multiple file with same purpose. Is there is any way to find and remove all duplicate and inactive code.
    If I am using packages/Webkul/Velocity ( using velocity theme)
    Is 'packages/Webkul/Shop is inactive. (show some bug when I remove it)
    I just want to remove not active code to simplify code base.
    One more thing it may be simple for somebody who is expert in Bagisto to understand file structure and to find the right code when wish to customize it.But I feel quite time consuming to navigate around the code. Is there is some explicit and specific documentation for the file structure and how code is organized in Bagisto?

  • Hi There,

    Thanks for the update.
    Also, if you like our support, you may give us the review here:-

    That would be grateful for us.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Bagisto Team

  • Hi @prashant2408
    Our team works by creating packages in Bagisto.
    And the velocity or shop both are the different-different themes.
    So you have to done changes on the file of the same package in which theme you wants to reflect the changes

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