How to create new Controller in Packages/Webkul/Shop

  • I want to customize the theme and wanted to create a new controller in Packages/Webkul/Shop folder. please tell me the suitable answers

  • Hi @Rakhi123
    If you want to crete your custome controller then you can make controllers Here and create routes Here.
    And if you want to create a new theme or ovrride the default theme then please follow this Doc

  • It has only the option to customize the existing controller. But I need to create my Own controller like a new controller.php file in the same location.
    whenever I create a controller using php artisan then it creates the controller in Public folder but I want to create the Controller in Packages/Webkul/Shop.
    Is it possibe?

  • @Rakhi123
    Please take a reference form Here

  • It is creating structure in this way. It is making 'Shop' folder inside controller

    but I want like this

    is there any method to create controller in package?

  • @Rakhi123
    Please check your namespace I guess something is missing in your namespace
    Or you can copy any controller from the shop package and change the namespace of the controller accordingly

  • My main need is to create a testcontroller in all the package folders like I want to create a controller in packages/Webkul/Shop//src/Http/Controllers/ShopTestController.php



    any method like package make:controller???

  • Hi there,
    Please use this command for the same.

    php artisan package:make-shop-controller ShopTestController ACME/TestPackage

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