internal server error 500

  • when add new category this error is show
    internal server error 500
    i made the debug true from .env file then this error is show
    "SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1305 FUNCTION medicame_db.get_url_path_of_category does not exist (SQL: update categories set _lft = case when _lft >= 144 then _lft+2 else _lft end, _rgt = case when _rgt >= 144 then _rgt+2 else _rgt end where (_lft >= 144 or _rgt >= 144))"

  • @Ahed
    Please check the Database, in the database you will be able to see the functions and inside that you will be able to see the get_url_path_of_category
    Please check that and also if again facing the issue please check and change the collection
    use collection - utf8mb4_uniocde_ci

  • where i can find the function please

  • @Ahed In database you may be able to find it.
    Please check the image
    alt text

  • Screenshot (235).png
    i think no any function
    may be tight sir?

  • Hi there,
    As i can see there are no functions on your databse, so issue is occuring, plase create function, issue will be resolved.

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