install file not uploaded

  • when upload my site into hosting shared
    then the install file not uploaded because contain virus
    i am trying to do some commands on terminal of cpanel then this error is show:
    "In Container.php line 835:

    Target class [Webkul\Core\Console\Commands\Install] does not exist.

    In Container.php line 833:

    Class "Webkul\Core\Console\Commands\Install" does not exist!Screenshot (237).png

  • Hi there,
    Can you please elaborate?
    Are you tryin to install the bagisto on server or you are uploading the files on the server after install ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @sanjay-webkulCapture.PNG
    i am having the same issue, i jut clone the laest master branch on me shared hosting server and un the command composer install or ```
    composer install --optimize-autoloader --no-dev

  • Hi there,
    Are you trying to install on your server?
    And is it posssible to share the steps which you followed for installing tha bagisto?

  • @sanjay-webkul i am trying to install it on my shared hosting. today i just take latest pull of you maser branch. and whenever i run composer install i got this issue : Class "Webkul\Core\Console\Commands\Install" does not exist. ? can you pleas help i am stuck with this problem.

  • Hi there,
    Please follow the given steps for installing the Bagisto.
    1. git clone -b v1.4.4
    2. composer create-project
    3. configure the database credentials on .env file
    4. php artisan bagisto:install

    Make sure all the dependencies should be fulfill on your system before installing the bagisto.

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