Custom payment method is not visible

  • Hello Bagisto Team,
    First, thank you for the great job you have already done to provide this product.
    My question is;
    I already follow up on the "create custom payment method " steps according to the tutorials.

    I did prefer the "package:make-payment-method" way instead of doing it manually.
    Problem is, somehow I can not display the new package(custom payment method) in admin->settings->sales->payment methods section.

    P.S: I already try to optimize, and some other possible solutions.
    Like always, I'm pretty sure that there is a minor thing missing, but currently, I'm not able to find that.

    I will be happy if you guys can assist me with that.

  • Hi there,
    Please follow this documentation, and if you will still get any issue then please let me know.

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