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I found 2 issue need fix bug

  • I found 2 issue need fix bug:

    1. issue 1: : not apply Coupon Code when customer payment error. Now, when customer payment error then voucher cart rule still applyed.

    b1. in cart rule, I creates Coupon Codes to discount
    b2. when payment i using that code to discount and applied.
    b3. payment error and must be cancel order

    • Expected result: this Coupon Codes still use for payment another
    • Actual result: this Coupon Codes can't use payment another
      please fix bug for this issue. thanks
    1. issue2: payment error when money = 0
      create order have value 100 usd,
      apply coupon discount 100 usd
      when payment by visa 0 usd then process success ?

  • Hi there,
    Please raise a bug Here for the same.

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