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CMS integration

  • Hi Team,

    I need to call the cms content to my blade.php file.
    For example: I created about-us cms content in the backend. I need to display the content in the middle of the home page.
    How can I integrate the section in my home page?

    Thank you.

  • Hi there,
    Please follow the given the steps for the same.
    1. Create a CMS page
    2. Create a Header Content from velocity inside the settings.
    3. Add the CMS page's URL Key on the Category Slug option of Header Content
    4. Go to home page click on created Header Content on the header section

    Please find the screenshot Here for the above given steps.

  • Hi @sanjay-webkul

    Thank you for the replay.

    Actually I don't want to click the url and redirect the about us cms page. I need to show the cms (about us) content in the home page itself.

  • Hi there,
    Are you trying to replace the products card with the about-us content.?

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