Rest API docs?

  • When looking at the routes in my new bagisto installation v1.4.3 I see things as

    GET	api/v1/admin/sales/orders		Webkul\RestApi\Http\Controllers\V1\Admin\Sale\[email protected]
    GET	api/v1/admin/sales/orders/{id}		Webkul\RestApi\Http\Controllers\V1\Admin\Sale\[email protected]
    POST	api/v1/admin/sales/orders/{id}/cancel		Webkul\RestApi\Http\Controllers\V1\Admin\Sale\[email protected]
    POST	api/v1/admin/sales/orders/{id}/comments		Webkul\RestApi\Http\Controllers\V1\Admin\Sale\[email protected]
    GET	api/v1/admin/sales/shipments		Webkul\RestApi\Http\Controllers\V1\Admin\Sale\[email protected]

    When trying to look in the project to the "Webkul\RestApi\Http\Controllers\V1\Admin\Sale\OrderController" I can't find this file? When I look at what I can find on the internet I come across this package

    Where can I find the files? What is a correct way of setting it up etc?

    Thanks in advance!



  • Hi there,
    you can find the file path for multiple Global functions below-

    //vendor-> Bagisto-> Rest-API -> src-> Traits

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