Middleware differences in installation

  • I have followed your documentation for the installing bagisto, in both ways

    A) i.e: 'composer create-project bagisto/bagisto' and
    B) i.e: "Using the GUI Installer"

    In both the setup i have seen few differences,

    like in store-front-routes.php

    A) Route::group(['middleware' => ['web', 'locale', 'theme', 'currency']], function () {
    B) Route::group(['middleware' => ['locale', 'theme', 'currency']], function () {

    Here the "web" route is missing.

    If i hit the command "php artisan bagisto:version" , both shows me same version i.e 1.4.5

    infect there are other routes are also have this differences, can you help me out why it has such differences?

  • Hi there.
    we have moved routes in the package.

    PR LINK: https://github.com/bagisto/bagisto/pull/7345/files

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