Bagisto v1.5.0 Released

  • ✨ Features
    #7100 - The count of selected items should be visible if the user is performing the mass action.

    #7157 - Ability to drag product image to upload.

    #6972 - Compare product page can be enhanced.

    #7202 - There should be an option for upload category banner.

    #7182 - The sub-categories should be visible on the product list page.

    #7139 - Add customer loging to the admin panel.

    #7096 - Add decimal to currency.

    ✨ Enhancements
    #7426 - We can use (-) icon in Coupon Code Column.

    #7402 - Multiple Photos are Added on the Velocity page.

    #7449 - By default, the placeholder value should be selected for the filter dropdown.

    #7208 - There should be an arrow icon if the customer is trying to filter the orders by status.

    #7191 - The Product listing page should be improved.

    #7189 - The shadow of the subcategory is overriding on the parent category.

    #3454 - Shipping rules at checkout.

    #7185 - The table headers should be fixed in admin panel.

    #7196 - The Checkboxes should be enhanced in dark theme in admin panel.

    #6771 - The page should be redirected to the product-view page after clicking on the product's name

    #6838 - Invoice design can be enhanced.

    #6987 - Add tool tip on calendar and table icons on bookings in admin panel.

    #6913 - There should be default image for the Locale in the store front.

    #6729 - The SKU should be visible if the admin is adding any product to the bundle product.

    #6835 - The discount information should be visible properly on the order information page.

    #7314 - The page should be redirected to the write-review page if the user is clicking on "Be the first to write a review".

    #7194 - Login as customer icon should be change in the admin panel.

    #6893 - Ukrainian localisation for all apps does not exist.

    #6895 - Localisation of Admin app does not exist.

    #6810 - Updates : New issue templates using .yml instead of .md hammer_and_wrench.

    #6744 - There should be a mouse-hover effect for the admin submenu in the dark theme.

    🐛 Bug Fixes
    #7532 - It is showing exception while entering duplicate SKU in the configure product.

    #7523 - If the product name is not added name with other language it should be shown as default language on the homepage while selecting other languages.

    #7522 - In other language, it is showing null instead of product name in the bundle product's options on the Product page.

    #7520 - In the French language, it is showing (') code view shopping cart in mini cart.

    #7521 - Not showing dropdown sign in the filter at customer end.

    #7410 - I am adding more than 4 products in the related and cross-sell bar in the product and on the homepage in the product page it is showing only 4 products.

    #7397 - The filter options are not in proper alignment in the mobile view. if the user is trying to filter products on the products listing page.

    #7518 - Not able to delete the auto generated coupon.

    #7492 - It is showing exception While removing the image and file attribute values and save the product.

    #7079 - QTY check should be applied on the simple product which are added in Group Product.

    #6849 - UI issue on shop by category page in Arabic locale.

    #7507 - For the guest users single page checkout is not working without clicking on ship to this address.

    #7216 - The configurable product price is visible as 0 on the home page.

    #7475 - While creating an attribute group in attribute family in the admin. It is adding the group but the container not removing.

    #7432 - The write-review option should not be visible on product card if Allow Guest Review is disabled.

    #7332 - The wishlist and compare options should not be visible if they disabled by the admin.

    #7230 - Sorting should be work only after clicking on the tax of table header.

    #7180 - By default 12 should be selected in the item per page dropdown on the products listing page.

    #6709 - Undefined array key "sort".

    #7422 - Generate Automatically Date and Time.

    #7397 - The filter options are not in proper alignment in the mobile view. if the user is trying to filter products on the products listing page.

    #7452 - In Checkout Page, after address change we are able to place order without selecting the Select Shipping Method.

    #7371 - On the admin panel in the Attribute family set the aligment of the name and type column.

    #7370 - Calendar should be same for new or edit the customer from admin panel.

    #7329 - Exchange rate endpoint API has been updated...

    #7273 - Layered navigation filters not working .

    #7244 - shop.js Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'protocol')

    #7284 - Category slug is getting updated if you are only providing translation for another enabled locale.

    #7476 - While auto generating the cart coupon is not showing correct notification.

    #7450 - Search By Category Option is not visible On Mobile.

    #7417 - The inactive products should not be visible on the product view page.

    #7419 - It is taking the current date as the date range. if the date range is not selected for the cart rule.

    #7360 - In Mobile view-> on the admin panel, It is hiding the velocity Title in the velocity page.

    #7264 - Duplicate Address Creating in checkout page.

    #7136 - UI issue in mobile inspect and Desktop view -> Configurable product variants add section.

    #7467 - The count of cart items should not be visible in mobile view if the cart is empty.

    #7466 - On the homepage -> in the header option, currency sign is missing in the mobile view.

    #7464 - Customer -> Lines in a Street Address option is not working.

    #7459 - Variants quantity field is not in dark mode.

    #7442 - There should be a warning message if the admin is adding invalid date range for catalog rule.

    #7420 - Back icon is not working after clicking on add campaign button.

    #7407 - In the admin panel, review saved notification is not showing proper.

    #7395 - Elastic search is not working properly in the product search bar of the Grouped,Bundle products on the admin panel.

    #7394 - Getting exception while trying to create configurable product.

    #7383 - In the Bundle product it is accepting bundle product and grouped product.

    #7381 - On the checkout page, If I removed product from the cart it should redirect to cart page from checkout page.

    #7375 - No need to show BUY NOW button in the Booking product.

    #7363 - In the velocity metadata option the channels and language option should be in the center same as the title.

    #7356 - It should not hide the menu options in the admin panel.

    #6989 - No Events details are overlapping at bookings in admin panel.

    #7368 - The inactive email template should not be listed in the email-template dropdown if the admin is creating the campaigns email template.

    #7364 - On the admin panel, Capitalize each words of the title in the velocity page.

    #7361 - In the category sub-division sign is not in the center.

    #7358 - While filtering dashboard sales and The month option should be dark in the Dark theme.

    #7355 - It should not took extra spacing in the homepage after enabled toggle.

    #7354 - Products are not listed on the home page if elastic search enable.

    #7331 - Mouse hover on category to reach child category is not suffecient hover in right side.

    #7330 - It is not showing page content of child category.

    #7190 - The Advertisement images are stretching in mobile view.

    #7170 - Getting exception while trying create refund.

    #6743 - The blank dropdown is showing on the shop by category section if there are no categories for any locale.

    #7346 - Unable to export a datagrid from an extension.

    #7201 - The applied tax-category should be selected if the admin is trying to edit any variant.

    #7200 - The tax is not applied if the customer is selecting the saved address on the checkout page.

    #7181 - Validation Issue when editing Or creating new address.

    #7171 - The date filter should be in the top right corner in the dashboard.

    #7320 - There should be a trash icon instead if wishlist icon on the wishlist page.

    #7281 - The quantity box should be disabled if there is no quantity available on the selected inventory.

    #7286 - The product images are stretching in product listing page.

    #7177 - Getting the blank page if trying to edit the product.

    #7067 - Getting exception after run composer update.

    #7217 - The submit button should be slightly down of comment box if the admin is sending the message to the customer.

    #7295 - Flash message should be appearing if admin is trying to login with invalid credentials.

    #7283 - getDefaultChannelLocaleCode() is undefined.

    #7235 - The admin should not be able the edit the disabled fields by inspect element.

    #7227 - Missing update password notification.

    #7178 - The country in not visible in shipping and billing address.

    #7276 - UI issue if the customer is trying filter the products by price filter on mobile view.

    #7203 - Getting the exception while enabling the Share in Pinterest from the backend.

    #7161 - The counting of wishlist and compare products should be visible over the compare and wishlist icon in the top right corner.

    #7206 - UI issue on the velocity home page.

    #7072 - Dark Mode Name should be used.

    #6991 - Mobile view UI issue in booking product creating and editing them. Same slots all days, slot details.

    #7137 - There should be warning message if the user is trying add the product to cart for which Visible Individually is disabled.

    #6953 - The add to cart should be disabled if the Bundle product is out of stock.

    #6823 - The product's image is cropped i...

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