Admin Add Product page slow with large number of variants

  • I am running bagisto v1.5.1 with PHP 8.1.19 under Apache & nginx.
    If I create a configurable product with 2 attributes, 1 with 7 options and the other with 15 the resulting Variants section on the Edit Product page is incredibly slow.
    When I try to type anything into a Name field, it takes a very long time for any keystrokes to register. There are 105 variants in total, it will take forever to input all the required information with it running so slow.

    I am viewing the site in Firefox 111.0 but have the same issue in Chromium so I do not believe it is a browser issue.

    Any help to help figure this out would be appreciated. If you require any further information, please let me know

  • Hi there,

    Can you please share ScreenShot or shot video to find the exact issue?

  • Thank you for your reply Amitk.
    I have recorded a short video
    I think this illustrates the issue.

  • Hi @futurefool,

    Generally, when the DOM size becomes large this usually happens. When the DOM becomes too large, it can lead to slow rendering and unresponsive behavior. Currently, there is no such thing present in the core.

    To customize to some extent, I can suggest some changes which may be also put in the future,

    • First one is load more or paginated view, this can be achievable.

    • Second, we can make an import feature for the variant if possible. (Little Complicated)

    That depends on requirement whatever can be suited.

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