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  • Hello Team,

    1. In checkout process on saved address you have show one checkbox and that is for ship to this address section here my question is that in how can i show it is unchecked by default because as per our requirement when user checked that checkbox that time it will show shipping method section at time of guest checkout.

    2. but at time of customer is logged in that time we have showed two radio button like this when user click on link billing address that use same billing address as shipping address otherwise show another shipping address section.

    for this you have used vue js in onepage.blade.php if i use checkbox v-model as !address.billing.use_for_shipping it shows error in console like this so please help me on this.

    Thank You,
    Kishan Upadhyaya

  • Hi @kishnbupadhyaya

    First of all you need to override onepage.blade.php file for it & need to change it according to your requirement & may need to override another view files as you are changing some of its field.

    For question one - you can see this line in onepage.blade.php file

    address: {
             billing: {
                 address1: [''],
                 use_for_shipping: true,

    turn use_for_shipping to false & to show shipping method when user checked it you need to implement a method on this checkbox which can show shipping method when its checked.

    For second can you attach a screenshot of your error with code.


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