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Repository does not exist

  • I have installed bagisto on my Ubuntu using CLI commands the installation was successful and I didn't got any issue while installation and I run command "php artisan serve" I get a successful run and get my localhost link with port which is and when I hit this URL in browser to see the out put I get the error "Class Webkul\Core\Repositories\SliderRepository does not exist" I dont understand what to do next please help!

  • are you using the master branch from GitHub or the release zipfile?
    I just did a clean install with the following commands (I suppose you did this too)

    git clone
    cd bagisto
    composer install
    artisan serve

    Once the installation procedure was completed i get the store
    alt text

  • @ghermans Thanx for replying and no I used the commands which are given in Bagisto documentation from here I followed each step with CLI and GUI as well but the end result was same. Let me check it with your way. I hope it works.

  • @ghermans Thank you for your help it worked! didn't got any slider or products though but got the store.

  • i am getting same issue, although i tried to to install following two ways and different version 0.1.6 and 0.1.7 beta

    Class Webkul\Core\Repositories\SliderRepository does not exist
    Previous exceptions
    Declaration of Webkul\Core\Eloquent\Repository::count() should be compatible with Prettus\Repository\Eloquent\BaseRepository::count(array $where = Array, $columns = '*') (0)


    // of resolutions and let reflection attempt to determine the result.
                if ($this->hasParameterOverride($dependency)) {
                    $results[] = $this->getParameterOverride($dependency);
                // If the class is null, it means the dependency is a string or some other
                // primitive type which we can not resolve since it is not a class and
                // we will just bomb out with an error since we have no-where to go.
                $results[] = is_null($dependency->getClass())
                                ? $this->resolvePrimitive($dependency)
                                : $this->resolveClass($dependency);
            return $results;
         * Determine if the given dependency has a parameter override.
         * @param  \ReflectionParameter  $dependency
         * @return bool
        protected function hasParameterOverride($dependency)
            return array_key_exists(
                $dependency->name, $this->getLastParameterOverride()
    "Class Webkul\Core\Repositories\SliderRepository does not exist"

  • i use master branch from git repo, and it's fixed the issue.

  • Does anyone solved this?

  • Hi @artleminh

    Please use below step for installation.

    Follow below step.

    git clone


    cd bagisto
    composer install

    then run migrate and seed. Rest of process will be same.


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