How to create custom pages?

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    I am damn sure if you have used Laravel then you know how to create static pages in Laravel.

    Making custom pages is piece of cake.

    Just follow these steps:

    1. Goto your project's root find a folder called routes and there will be a file called web.php inside it.

    2. You have to declare your route in this file.

    3. Goto your project's root again and find resources folder and find views folder inside it.

    4. Create your views or blade file inside it for content on the custom pages.

    5. Use this type of route syntax:
      Route::view('your_route_verb', 'path_to_your_view_file');

    Obviously, you can use GET route if you wanna pass some dynamic data in your routes.

    That is how you gonna create custom pages in Bagisto.

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