CSS/JS not loading after removing /public from URL

  • Hi,

    I have removed /public from app url and added required .htaccess and index.php file in root folder. But now bagisto theme css and js files not loading.

    Can you tell me where to update URL for this so it loads properly from /public folder ?


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    Firstly, that was not to be done, there are so many functions in Bagisto dependent on that directory.
    You shouldn't delete any directory.

    Public directory holds all assets such as js, css and images needed for Bagisto. And definitely nothing will work for you after that believe me.

    Your project is on server or you are running locally?

  • I have not removed /public folder. Just try to load laravel app using the main domain url instead of /public. I figure it out using VirtualHost setup to use /public as main folder for the domain.

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    Yeah you are absolutely right @cerahil in your site configuration which seems to be an Apache server your project path had to be till public directory not the root directory.

    This is how it will work fine.

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