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Mandatory Product fields not necessary

  • When creating a configurable product it then creates simple products from the selected varients.

    If you go into those simple product variants you cannot then save them as it wants you to enter a Description etc which was set on the main configurable product.

  • Hi @andrewc

    Description of configurable product and description of its variant are two different fields.
    Configurable products description consist information of whole product rather than single one.

    If you want then you can display variant of configurable product on your shop also then if we use same one then it creates problem.


  • Yes complete understand what you are saying - I am just pointing it out that I dont need to be forced to enter a description for a variant simple product when editing it directly.

    Example is if I want to update the variants stock on hand, I cannot just edit the simple product and set qty... otherwise if wants a description etc.

  • Hi @andrewc

    They are the products attribute (Description, Short_Description ) so you can change there validation and turn there required validation to false while editing these attributes so it will no longer required.


  • aaa, i feel like a idiot. Thanks for point that one out! 🙂

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