Override 'Core' model

  • Hi,

    I've managed to override many other models using the app->concord->registerModel function however I can't seem to do this for 'Webkul\Core\Core' as it doesn't have a proxy.

    I need to override it because the number formatter is rounding up i.e 10% of £29.99 becomes £3.00 instead of 2.99, so I need to set the attribute on the formatter so the rounding_mode is rounding_floor.

  • Hi @lwilliams-heli

    This is facades and this is not override this way.
    To override any facades, first of all you need to create own facades in your package extending with main facades (To whom you want to override).
    Now in your facades, you can create method & can write own logic.
    You need to add following line in your packages provider.

    $this->app->bind('core', 'Webkul\your\facades\path');


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