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Class Webkul\Core\Repositories\SliderRepository does not exist !

  • I installed bagisto 3 month ago but now I'm facing "Class Webkul\Core\Repositories\SliderRepository does not exist" error.I know there is a same topic but I don't want to install new version.Is there other solution?

  • Hi @Aysa

    Delete you Vendor folder and composer.lock file.

    Then replace your composer.json file from this one -


    composer install

    on your root.

    If you find below error.

    In ProviderRepository.php line 208:

    Class 'Dimsav\Translatable\TranslatableServiceProvider' not found

    In app.php file of config folder, search for following -


    and replace with


    and find TranslatableModel.php file in Core package's Eloquent folder.
    In this file, you will find -

    use Dimsav\Translatable\Translatable;

    replace with

    use Astrotomic\Translatable\Translatable;


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