how could this happen?

  • ![alt text](aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg image url)

    Help me..
    how do you solve this ...?
    I opened it fine but after I entered the backend and then returned to my site to see the changes, this error suddenly occurred ..

  • Hi @leni

    Kindly send us screenshot of your service provider and home page content data for channel.


  • like this?
    chanel6.jpg chanel5.jpg chanel4.jpg chanel3.jpg chanel2.jpg chanel1.jpg

  • Hi @leni

    Kindly Check Your Home Page Content Field.

    You have did -

    @include("shop :: home.slider") @include("shop :: home.featured-products") @include("shop ::")

    Which contains space, there should be no space between hintpath and file name.

    Try this one -



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