If User has saved multiple address in his/her profile then at time of Checkout all his address should display with checkbox.

  • Framework Version: 0.1.1

    If user has saved multiple address then at checkout time his default address fills in Billing address. This should not happen in this way.In case of multiple addresses all address should display at checkout time with checkbox so that user can select any of his address to checkout.

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    I think by default the first address a customer creates is default address.
    If customer is having multiple addresses saved then any one can be make
    And the default address is automatically populated in the checkout address form but the customer should be logged in and have default address before checking out.

  • This functionality is required according to customer perspective because it is not mandatory that user will checkout with his default address , what if user want to checkout with other address,in this case he need to go to his profile first and then change his default address.
    You can take the reference from below attachment:
    Also you can take the reference from amazon

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