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ERP integration

  • Hi,
    I want to integrate my ERP application to sell its products in Bagisto (not marketplace). What I need are:

    1. API POST to create products
    2. API POST to update product stock
    3. a hook to send invoice data from Bagisto
    4. a hook to send customer data from Bagisto
    5. a hook to send payment notification from Bagisto

    I don't think I can find it in or I missed it when reading.

  • Hi @aulia, we need to update our devdocs regarding your above-mentioned requirements. We will update you soon on this thread when it's ready. However, you can expect it by next week.

  • thanks a lot!

  • Hi Aulia,

    Was you able to make interface with ERP ? i can't find also

    API POST to create products
    API POST to update product stock

    Thank you

  • Hi @mohgab

    We yet not have the POST APIs available. Our major release is scheduled this week, then we will start working on this. If you need it soon, you can request for customisation.

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