Upgrade concerns

  • Hi

    I know a lot of work is being done to improve the product.

    One concern is upgrade: I have just seen that column names have changed, replaced or deleted with the #2006 pull request.

    My concern is that it is not very easy to upgrade when the next version is released.

    The schema changes are done in the existing migration file, which means that one have to drop the table (and lose data) in order to get the the new fields and changed field names / field attributes.
    Normally one would / should create an additional migration file with the modifications so that it is possible to upgrade 'production' systems.

    Just for the sake of the argument: what if an extensions is using one of the table columns, then the extension would break.

    Is Bagisto not yet production ready ?
    What is done to ensure that already running shops can be updated ?


  • Hi rabol,

    Bagisto is already ready for production.

    We have revamp whole discount package (#2006). The changes in this pull will remove all old table of catalog rule and cart rule but you did not change it manually.

    You can normally take pull from master branch to upgrade it.

    Rahul Shukla

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