Hello @murl1dhar Currently we have not implemented any type of event system that would be responsible adding the fields in admin section forms. Yet, the same thing is not true for storefront i.e customer section. If you check the view files of shop package in Root\Webkul\packages\src\resources\views , you will find this type of syntax, check the screenshot below: This type of syntax in the picture above can be found in almost all views of the shop package. And it serves the purpose of the question that you've asked for. To use this functionality you have to just implement the event subscribers for adding any extra functionality that you want like adding fields, static information, any dynamic information, etc. You have to wait shortly for this type of thing get added for admin views. As this will rollout in new releases. But soon in later releases we will add the blade event system through which you can add the things that you have asked for.