admin login error

  • I am getting this error when i try to admin login. What does this mean? The only thing i have done is made my own package completely seperate from Webkul/admin

  • Hi,

    Make sure that you have run seeder command (php artisan db:seed) and you if see module development, there you can we need to create some configuration file for our package & add then accordingly to our core config files.

    In this case, i think you have missed creating menu file and merging it to core files, so create a file in your packages config folder & marge this file to admin's menu file in your service provider.
    Like -

    dirname(DIR) . '/Config/yourfile.php', 'menu.admin'

    your this file will consist name, key, route, icon & sort.
    For more reference you can see our doc -

    Rahul Shukla

  • wow, give a nice solution for this error thanks for posting this keep it up I am sharing this topic with my friends.
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