Facing issue creating new page

  • Hello there!
    I am trying to create a new page with custom controller and view everything is working except am page CSS is not loaded and hence layout is disturbed.
    The page is looking like this [https://nimb.ws/GnFtqN](link url)
    code from my blade PHP file

        {{ __('shop::app.customer.forgot-password.page_title') }}
    <div class="auth-content">
        <h1>Hello World</h1>

    Following resources are requested which are returning 404 error


    Apart from this console is showing error that "Vue is undefined" which is because of missing shop.js

  • Hello,

    Pass your route through theme middleware.


  • @Jyoti said in Facing issue creating new page:


    Yes its working fine !! Thanks alot

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