What is use of "view_render_event()" function And why we load on view file ? Please explain me.

  • My view file : -

    {!! view_render_event('bagisto.admin.catalog.product.create_form_accordian.configurable_attributes.controls.before') !!}

    <div class="table 1">
    <th>{{ __('admin::app.catalog.products.attribute-header') }}</th>
    <th>{{ __('admin::app.catalog.products.attribute-option-header') }}</th>

                                        @foreach ($configurableFamily->configurable_attributes as $attribute)
                                                    {{ $attribute->admin_name }}
                                                    @foreach ($attribute->options as $option)
                                                        <span class="label">
                                                            <input type="hidden" name="super_attributes[{{$attribute->code}}][]" value="{{ $option->id }}"/>
                                                            {{ $option->admin_name }}
                                                            <i class="icon cross-icon"></i>
                                                <td class="actions">
                                                    <i class="icon trash-icon"></i>

    {!! view_render_event('bagisto.admin.catalog.product.create_form_accordian.configurable_attributes.controls.after') !!}

    Please explain me what is use of this function.


  • Hello @_developer_12 ,

    Refer bagisto documentation view render event


  • The new version from the doc article in here

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