Upload inventory and Pricing

  • Does anyone knows what fields need to be changed for batched upload of prices and inventories? As i can see form the database apparently there are two tables that manage those: product_flat and product_inventory. If I change the quantities on the product_inventory file do i have to worry on changing in any other place? same with the prices, there is a field call price on the product_flat table, do i have to change that in any other place?
    Thanks for the help.

  • Hi @dan3460

    You are right, these tables are responsible for the same thing.
    You can do as u said but make sure that you do have inventory for that.

    I mean to assign value in 'inventory_source_id' field in product_inventory table.

  • Thanks @rahul, yes i'm using the yes i'm making a lookup for the product id number to update.

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