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Routes undefined but i have already set routes on routes.php file on admin

  • I am getting this error : -

    Route [admin.admin.printing-matrix.index] not defined. (View: C:\xampp\htdocs\bagisto\packages\Webkul\Admin\src\Resources\views\layouts\master.blade.php) (View: C:\xampp\htdocs\bagisto\packages\Webkul\Admin\src\Resources\views\layouts\master.blade.php)

    but i have already set in routes.php file like : -

                Route::get('/products', 'Webkul\PrintingMatrix\Http\Controllers\[email protected]')->defaults('_config', [
                    'view' => 'admin::catalog.printing-matrix.index'

  • Hello @_developer_12

    Your route name is admin.catalog.printing-matrix.index according to route you have created and you have used admin.admin.printing-matrix.index.

    Kindly use this one - admin.catalog.printing-matrix.index


  • Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

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