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Setup Default Sort

  • On the product pages there is a sort drop down which shows by default "Newest First". I need to have that sorting been alphabetical as default. Where can i change that?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Hey dan3460,

    • Go to "packages/Webkul/Product/src/Helpers/Toolbar.php" and search for method isOrderCurrent();

    • Within elseif condition i.e., elseif (! isset($params['sort']) && $key == 'name-asc') , you need to pass key as for default sort display ,bydefault it is Newest first,

    • You may get keys in same file in getAvailableOrders() function, for example: to set From A-Z you need to set key to name-asc


  • @prateek-webkul Thanks for the answer. I did change the condition on the Toolbar.php but the product view still show the product newest first even though the button on top says A-Z. As you said in your answer the default is set as Newest first. How do i change the default to be a-z?

  • Hey @dan3460 ,

    There is an issue in filter sort by, which is raised issue on bagisto respository. We are working on it and you can get any update on below link.


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