Invoke html and extent model/controller

  • How to invoke a input field in a package from other package & how to extend existed package functionalities. Like : add a field in $fallible or add new method in existed controller.

    I read "How to over right core module" but it seems to me very confusing. And didn't found where to start.

    It would be very helpful to have an article or a video tutorial.

  • Hi,

    Override is best way extend functionalities of core system. You can create your own model, create migrations for same, In your model you can add your columns of table & override system's model & change then according to need.
    To do it - first of all, create your own package, after this create model and override it according to need, then create repository & controllers accordingly.
    If you face any issues while implementing it, write to us.
    We are updating our docs for make it more simple & convenient.

  • @rahul said in Invoke html and extent model/controller:


    Do I have override the whole functionalities or can I just extend some properties/methods?

  • According to your need, you can extend it.

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