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Bagisto Customization 101

  • I'm new to the forum and a new user to Bagisto and I would like to start using it to build my own custom store.
    I'll ask here a couple of basic questions, as I'd like to understand what files/packages study and to focus my effort before starting to implement the features I am interested in.

    Basically, I would like to customize the entire layout of the store, from the header, footer, the front page, how the products are shown in the front page and how each product is shown in the product page.

    Is there a suggested way to do it without messing up with the entire code?
    Do I have to create a new package or a a new theme? Or do I have to modify the code directly in each Package (Shop/Product/...)?

    Also, I'd like to modify the Shipping methods, providing several options for delivery (e.g. Pick up at store; Delivery to post-office; Delivery to home). Again, what Packages shall I start looking into from implementing this part? Or do I bundle everything in a new package that overwrite the default options?

    Then, regarding the price, is it possible to set a unit price per quantity bought? I'd like to set decreasing prices for increasing amounts of each product acquired.

    Finally, I'd like to modify how the final price is shown to the user. I'd like to show the final price as a sum of different item (e.g. unit price, packaging, product loading, transportation, delivery costs).
    Again, what a re relevant files I should start looking into to add this functionality?

    Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance! I really love Bagisto and look forward to extending it soon!

  • Hi, @cr
    Please have a look of bagisto developer doc. here you can find all the package and theme related documentation,.


  • Hi @shivam-webkul Thanks for the reply.

    In fact, I had read them.
    One question: to achieve more flexibility and freedom to change many parts of the shop, do you suggest to create a new package or rather a new theme?

    For instance, Velocity is both a package and a theme.
    Does Velocity package create velocity theme or are they independent?


  • Hi, @cr
    I got your question exactly the velocity is a package which contains all the css and js and all functionality for the velocity theme,

    But if you want to develop a package in bagisto for default and velocity theme then you need to do compatible to your package for the velocity theme.

    Let me know if you still got some questions.


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