Format Date picker on admin panel - flatpickr

  • Hello, how to change the format of the date from Y-m-d to d.m.Y, also change the name of months.

    I have tried some solutions from GitHub, adding a locale and file but without success.

    Maybe im adding the file in a bad directory.

    Please Help :]


  • Hi @sebastian ,

    If you want to change only dashboard filter date format then you need to override bagisto vue datetime.vue component,
    please follow these link

    after that only need to change the format ref -

    And if you want to change whole admin section date format which is your requirement Y-m-d to d.m.Y, then simply update some code of datetime.vue which is inside packages/Webkul/Ui/src/Resources/assets/js/components/datetime.vue

    then simply run npm run watch for compiling the vue assets inside the Ui package root.


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