Greetings to the customer

  • Hello,
    There is a greeting to the customer logged on the website at the top of the page (Welcome,: customer_name).
    In Japan is common use the last name in this case. So how can I do this customization ?

  • Hi @William-Hatanaka ,

    Simply you can override the customer profile index which path is given below
    in that file you can show as you want text which is shown after logged in customer.


  • Hello, @shivam-webkul ,
    I did some changes in this file (packages->webkul->Shop->src->resources->view->customers->account->profile->index) but nothing change...

    The name that is showing after word "Welcome" is :customer_name.
    I've translated the 'header.welcome-message' on the file 'app>bagisto>packages>Webkul>Velocity->src>Resources>lang>ja' .

    Thank you

  • Hi @William-Hatanaka ,

    First you need to find login-section.blade.php which is inside

    then look link no. 17 here you can modify custmer greeting as per as your requirement,
    Then don't forgot to publish the vendor from below cmd
    php artisan vendor:publish --force


  • Hello,
    Your tip solved my problem! Thank you very much !
    But when I run the following command:

    php artisan vendor:publish --force

    and choose option 0(zero) some others things is updated ...
    I am using the Google Web Fonts extension and one of things that I did to install this extension was to add a line on the file concord.php. The line is:


    Thus, after the publish command this added line disappear.
    Is it normal?
    Thnak you !

  • Hi @William-Hatanaka ,

    php artisan vendor:publish --force if you press 0 then all the vendor will be published,

    And if you want to publish a particular vendor then simply type index of that vendor.


  • @shivam-webkul Thank you!

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