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Assign Tax at Shipping method

  • Is it possible to assign taxes at the shipping methods? I need to add the cost of the ship in the base of the tax, and i need to increase the amout of tax with this cost.

    Now I have assigned at the shipping method the cost of shipping with tax included, the total amount of invoice is correct, but the tax values not.

    Example actual:

    Total items: 25,07€
    Shipping: 40€
    IVA 4%: 0,8€
    IVA 21%: 1,06€
    Total 66,93€

    -This amount is correct, but i need this:

    Total items: 25,07€
    Shipping: 33,06€
    IVA 4%: 0,8€
    IVA 21%: 8€
    Total 66,93€

    I can force the code in the theme but i prefer save the amounts correct in the database. Some idea?

  • Hi @niug

    You need to override cart facades for it, in this facades override calculateItemsTax function, which is responsible to calculate the tax of item and in this function add your amount with tax.

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