How to create a custom theme for datagrids

  • Hi, I'm developing a custom theme for Bagisto without Vue. I prefer develop with Bootstrap and jQuery theme, and all is working perfectly except the pages that have Datagrids. For example the Cusomer Account Orders. This page only show the info if you inizialize the vue aplication.

    Can you help me and say me the best way for develop a new custom template for datagrids? I see the Blade of the datagrids in the code, but I prefer develop a custom module o template.

    Thank you!

  • Hi all, after testing some ideas, I found the solution creating the folder 'datagrid' in the resources/themes/myTheme/views. In this folder I create the file table.blade.php and body.blade.php and with this files I can customize datatables with the Bootstrap Datatable.

    The original blade file of the datagrid is in the follow path:


    I wish that this solution can help someone like me.


  • yes, in this way you can develop your own custom theme for datagrids.

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