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How to change currency in fronted?

  • How to change currency in fronted?

  • @sathish

    In default theme change currency from here,

    In Velocity theme, you could change currency from here,


  • @Vaishali-Agarwal I was also looking for same but in 1.1 version there is no Currency dropdown.


    I tried to setup a new currency INR with Code as 'Rs', and then modified 'default' "Channel" with default currency as INR and I get exception in 'Velocity Theme'.

    But if I change theme to 'default', exception is no longer there but currency is still displayed in USD.

    Trying to get property 'code' of non-object (View: /Users/agupta/PlayGround/bagisto/bagisto-bagisto-v1.1.2-0-gc88ca31/bagisto-bagisto-c88ca31/resources/themes/velocity/views/UI/header.blade.php) (View: /Users/agupta/PlayGround/bagisto/bagisto-bagisto-v1.1.2-0-gc88ca31/bagisto-bagisto-c88ca31/resources/themes/velocity/views/UI/header.blade.php) (View: /Users/agupta/PlayGround/bagisto/bagisto-bagisto-v1.1.2-0-gc88ca31/bagisto-bagisto-c88ca31/resources/themes/velocity/views/UI/header.blade.php) (View: /Users/agupta/PlayGround/bagisto/bagisto-bagisto-v1.1.2-0-gc88ca31/bagisto-bagisto-c88ca31/resources/themes/velocity/views/UI/header.blade.php)

  • Hi @AshJi
    currency option in channel : Channel->Currency should be all selected


  • @Vaishali-Agarwal thanks for the quick response. Not sure whether I fully comprehend your suggestion though. Here is what my setting is for Channel. Please suggest what different I should be doing.


  • Never mind I got it. For reference of other folks, here is how setting should be - Select all the currencies under 'Currencies'


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