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Regarding Dashboard Statistics

  • Hello,

    We are using your package but i stucked at one place actually i have to exclude one vendor in total sales. I have tried join and many other ways to do it. but it shows incorrect stats.

    Here is code of Dashboard Controller (I added marketplace_orders table join)

    private function getOrdersBetweenDate($start, $end)
    return $this->order->scopeQuery(function ($query) use ($start, $end) {
    return $query->leftjoin('marketplace_orders','marketplace_orders.order_id','=','')->where('orders.created_at', '>=', $start)->where('orders.created_at', '<=', $end)
    ->where('orders.status', '!=', 'canceled')

    Can you please tell me how can i do correct that.

    Deepak Sharma

  • Hi @dsharma
    You can raise the support ticket here


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