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Extension "Hide Shop for Guest"

  • Hello,
    I've installed the extension "hide shop for guest" successfully on my local, but after deploy on web server production it is not working.
    I've executed the following commands:
    "composer dump-autoload -d bagisto",
    "php artisan vendor:publish --force"<- with option 0(zero),
    docker-compose down and up -d.
    But the option "Hide Shop for guest" does not appear on the administration page (configure option)...
    And this extension is not on the table "core_config". But in my local database there are 2 rows of records (at the column "code" there are "hideshopforguest.settings.settings.hide-shop-before-login" and "hideshopforguest.settings.settings.hide-shop-before-login.notification"), and those records does not present on production server database (tabel core_config).
    What I can do to solve this issue?
    Thank you very much

  • @William-Hatanaka ,

    You need to add migrate command in your docker file, so when you run the up command for docker then it executes and creates respective tables.

  • Hello @prateek-webkul ,
    I"ve executed the command php artisan cache:config.
    Thank you very much

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