Cant find admin middleware's path called in many controllers.

  • i see in may controller inside the package, inside the constructor an admin middleware was called. i am having a hard time finding the location of this admin middleware

  • Hello @nahiyan-aziz ,
    Can you please elaborate this, so that we can find a solution in a better way.
    Thank you .

  • i had just installed bagisto... i was exploring it. i see in some controllers, for user role management, admin middleware was used. lets say in a package like Admin->src->Http->Sales->InvoiceController
    in Invoice controller admin middleware was called
    public function __construct( OrderRepository $orderRepository,
    InvoiceRepository $invoiceRepository

        $this->middleware('admin'); /// the path im searching for
        $this->_config = request('_config');
        $this->orderRepository = $orderRepository;
        $this->invoiceRepository = $invoiceRepository;

    now here, i cant find the path of this admin middleware used in constructor

  • Hi @nahiyan-aziz ,
    You may check the following file :
    Goto packages/Webkul/User/src/Http/Middleware/Bouncer.php
    Thank you.

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