How to add Google Analytics to the master.blade.php

  • Hi there,

    I am just starting to begin with developing for Bagisto I have some experience with Laravel, but it seems whenever I try to edit the master.blade.php nothing happens not even if I remove everything..

    I have found two master.blade.php one is inside of the Shop package and the other one is in the Velocity package and the one from the Velocity package is being loaded I see that by the .css that are being loaded, but it's strange if I remove the entire content of the master.blade.php it just keeps rendering, is there something I forgot?

  • Hi @Remco1337

    Actually we are using two diffrent theme (default and Velocity) thats why there is two master blade file , one for default (Inside Shop package) and one for Velocity (Innside Velocity package). You can change theme by editing channel.

    For the velocity theme , we are pulishing all views files inside defualt view of laravel ( resources->themes), so once you update the veolcity's master file then you need to publish it again or directly do changes inside resources folder of view.

  • @rahul Thanks for your explanation!

    @CarlosR Yes it did the trick by editting inside the resources folder directly 🙂

    Muchos gracias!

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