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Slider Issue

  • There is an issue in the slider -

    1. when we edit a slider it is mandatory to remove the previous image then add the same image.
      for example:- if I want to change only slider name, I will edit that name and save it.. but it won't work unless and until you select an image, but that image already exists still we have to select an image.
    2. and the second bug is - only default slider gets deleted. if I create a new slider with my custom theme that slider is not get deleted.

  • Hi,

    We have resolved issue raised by you & default slider did not gets deleted only slider which is created by user gets deleted.
    You can clone from our git repository & thanks for notifying us.


  • Hi Rahul,
    I have done many changes in my theme .. if I download your new build then my previous changes get vanished. please provide me a specific file or folder so that my changes remain same and slider issue also gets sorted.

  • Hi,

    From git repo, replace your create & edit file of slider.


  • Thank you...
    Both issues are solved.

  • Have been facing the same issue as well.

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