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Need to add a cart level rule based on the "Customer Group" of the user

  • I need to create a promotion which is applicable based on the "User Group" of the user. Out of box there are only 3 Customer Groups - Guest, General, Wholesale.

  • Hi @AshJi
    you need to first create the customer group from here once the customer group is created then go to the promotion->cart rule-> create the cart rule for the any selected customer group as shown here

  • Thanks @Vaishali-Agarwal . I was able to create the CartRule. But when I create 2 or more rules, some rules do not apply. Is there a way to expose on UI (Shop or Admin) or otherwise which Rules got applied and which not.

    Personally I think it will be nice to show breakup of discounts to end user rather then just showing one discount.

    Also in Admin UI, I think there should be an option to 'Duplicate' any item. Many of the items are just copy of one or other item with minor change. Re doing whole setup is just time consuming and error prone. Can you take this as an enhancement in next release.

  • @AshJi
    currently, there is no way to check which cart rule is applying..if your other rules are not working then their is might some condition you have set which is not meeting for that rule, or make sure End Other Rules should be NO else other rules will be ignored if it set to YES .

    For Duplicate or copy any item or promotion, we are working on this, and surely this feature is showing you in our upcoming release. 🙂

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