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Shop layout not extending from custom theme!

  • I was trying to add Q/A under a new package. Now I want to show them in front page. When I extend the it from Shop module it works and extended from default theme. But I'm using a custom theme, so how can I call the custom theme design or where should I put those view file?

  • We are facing the same issue. Quick help will really be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    You can call custom theme as same manner as you call default & put your views in view_path of theme (given in config) & extend @extends('shop::layouts.master') at view pages.

    And we are request you to please elaborate more because right now we are getting difficulty to get it.


  • I have created a new Package CustomerCare and added a Module HelpCenter under it.


    Had added some Q/A under HelpCenter Package.


    Now I want to show these Q/A in store front. Under route (/helpcenter).

  • Hi,

    Now you need to create route & controller for your view. Your route, controller & view should be in your package.

    Your packages master file should include @extends('shop::layouts.master') & be able to show it on front-end.


  • Hello Rahul,

    Could you please share snippet for including master.blade.php from custom theme into the custom-created package.

    Please review folder structure of custom theme and custom package.

    18-07-2019 11-56-39.png

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi @maheshb

    You can directly include master file of custom theme in your custom package ( like- @extends('shop::layouts.master') ) at your master blade or where you needed.

    But make sure one think that all your route (front-end) passes through 'theme' middleware.

    Route::group(['middleware' => ['web', 'locale', 'theme', 'currency']], function () {
             your route


  • Thanks Rahul

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