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How to place Export button in custom module for export that table data in bagisto?

  • Hello,

    I want to export data from custom module but how can i put export button like inside Sales >> Product >> Export button in custom module please explain me that so i can export as per my requirements.

    Sanjay P.

  • Hi @sanjay
    If you would like to place an export button like you mention above so for that you have to create controller, page, route and etc. as per your requirement and for reference that how to do it you can check out existing export button files.

    1. $root_folder/packages/Webkul/Admin/src/Resources/views/sales/orders/index.blade.php
    2. $root_folder/packages/Webkul/Admin/src/Resources/views/export
    3. $root_folder/packages/Webkul/Admin/src/Http/Controllers/ExportController.php

    Thanks !

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