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How configure products to be sell by weight

  • Hi everybody

    I leave a question, I want to use Bagisto in a supermarket, to sell products like a Frozen Chicken (One unit of frozen Chicken), a Frozen Turkey (One piece of frozen Turquey) Piece of Meet, etc. in this case these products don't have a specific weight, and his price is weight based (it deppend of your weight). If you order 1 Frozen Chicken and his weight is 5 lbs and you stablish a USD 1/lbs the price wil be USD 5 but if the salesman take Frozen Chicken with 4.5Lbs the final price will be other.

    What solution will you provide me?
    I am thinking that one solution could be a pre-order where the customer can select 1 Unit Frozen Chicken and when your order was processed the customer receive a email information with your total amount of your order and then the customer proceed to make a payment, like a Estimate or Quote.

    Exist any Extension to management Quotes or Estimates?

  • Hello there,
    Thank you for your queries regarding Bagisto!
    Please create the ticket for the same so our team will connect with you over there and reply to you.
    Ticket Create:-

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