Header script like adding facebook pixel

  • Hello guys,

    I noticed that customized script is only added in the footer. Where can I setup the facebook pixel right in the header tag?

    <header> facebook pixel here </head>

    Because it will not activated if the facebook pixel added on the customized script which shows only in the footer.

    In the dashboard there is no way we can't add it in the header since in configuration in content only for footer scripts.

    I tried to add directly to the active theme in the layouts/master but the code did not show up


    Anyone can help me here?

    Is there a way to insert directly to the header?

    Anticipating with your kind feedback .

    thank you

  • Hi @trishiab,

    If you are doing changes in the packages directories. Then for reflecting change you need to run php artisan vendor:publish --all --force command. This will place all your changes to the main resource path.

    Important Note: If you have done too many customizations then I recommend you not run the command instead directly go to the resources folder and change there.

    For e.g. This path packages/Webkul/Velocity/src/Resources/views/shop/layouts/master.blade.php for this you need to do changes here resources/themes/velocity/views/layouts/master.blade.php.

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