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How to create new custom theme that can git push to repository

  • I am new to Bagisto and I am trying to create a new custom theme by following official Bagisto tutorial. I have to git push to Git Lab repository and the gitignore file will block me from pushing the theme which is located at public folder.

    Is there any solution other than editing gitignore and stop it from ignoring the public folder?

    Appreciate your help. Thank you.

  • Hi,

    @chunseong96 I am not getting this. Are you compiling assets or directly putting all files there?

    Because all the assets are load from the resources folder and when you publish, its automatically loaded to that path which you are trying to do.

  • Hi, I am trying to create theme but according to the tutorial some files have to create inside the folder public/themes which is under gitignore. Should I remove public/themes in gitignore and allow me to git push the folder to git lab?

  • Hi @chunseong96,

    If you want you can ignore it. But that's part is for the development usually when you publish your packages automatically all assets will be loaded to that path that's why we usually add it to .gitignore so that it won't get conflicts.

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